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St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
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Overall Experience: 7 / 10
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The St. Vitus Cathedral is completely located inside Prague Castle. It is a fairly large church, with a number of different altars. The walls are adorned with large, beautiful stained glass windows. Many of the altars inside the church are very elaborately decorated.

There is a tower in the cathedral, although it is only open from April to October, and even then, only in good weather.


It is free to walk around the Cathedral, although if you're interested in the history of the church, you may want to obtain the audio guide for Prague Castle. The castle audio guide contains a short narration about the history and significance of many of the altars and features inside the church. With so many altars, we found the audio guide to be long and boring.

Estimated Visiting Time

To just walk around and see everything, 20-30 minutes is probably sufficient. If you decide to take the audio tour, you will probably spend 30-45 minutes inside the church.

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Estimated Visiting Time

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