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Sheraton Moriah Eilat

Eilat, HaDarom, Israel

Eilat, HaDarom, Israel
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Overall Experience: 7 / 10
Check-In Date: Monday, March 24, 2008

The Moriah Sheraton is a Sheraton hotel in Eilat, Israel. It has a pretty good location - right on the Eilat Promenade, and is one of the cheaper hotels located on the promenade. There are cheaper hotels available in Eilat, but their location isn't as good.

The hotel is a standard 3-star hotel, and offers what you'd expect from a 3-star hotel. One of the nice design features is that all rooms are facing the Red Sea, and all rooms have balconies. This means that if your room is high enough, you'll have a view of the Red Sea from your balcony. If your room isn't that high, you'll mostly just have a view of the pool.

The hotel does offer a "semi-private beach", which is a beach area across the promenade from the back of the hotel, behind the pool. There is nothing stopping anyone from using the beach area, but there is a sign posted that suggests it is for Sheraton guests only.

When we checked in around 2:00pm, our room wasn't yet available. The person at the desk took our cell phone number, and gave us a call when it was ready (about 45 minutes later). While waiting, we used the travel agent in the lobby to book a Holit Tour of Petra


As mentioned, this hotel is one of the more affordable hotels located on the promenade. We paid approximately 600 NIS per night (around $170 USD). Room rates probably vary night-to-night, so check with the hotel for actual rates.

The Room

Although the whole hotel is supposed to be non-smoking, I noticed that our room had an ash tray inside. I thought that was humorous. Fortunately, the room didn't smell like smoke.

Our room was equipped with a king bed, a small couch, a safe, and a TV. The room had its own balcony, with a nice view of the pool (and a small view of the Red Sea).

The furniture in the room looked relatively new. It was pretty nice.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was what you'd expect from a bathroom. Unlike homes in Israel, the bathroom had a real shower, with real hot water, and good water pressure.

The Breakfast

The breakfast was probably the most disappointing part of the hotel. It was mostly an Israeli breakfast, so there was a large selection of salads, vegetables, and cheeses. There was also some yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and a couple hot vegetable choices. Apparently the meals at the hotel are kosher, so there was no meat at the breakfast. That was disappointing.

The food was only of average quality. There were a few items that just tasted strange. The eggs were slightly warm (not hot, like they should have been). Also, the omelette bar (which we didn't try) didn't put any veggies on the omelettes - only spices! That was odd.

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The Room
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