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Lobkowicz Palace

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Jirska street 3
Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
119 08
+420 233 312 925
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Overall Experience: 8 / 10
Date Visited: Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I didn't really have high expectations when going to the Lobkowicz Palace, which was a very nice surprise! This was actually a very good museum. While paying for our tickets, we were informed that an audio guide was included in the admission price. After going through the tour, we were very grateful, since the audio guide was excellent!

The Lobkowicz family was a wealthy family who historically lived in the era. Their family went through a number of challenges, and some of the descendants are still around today. In fact, the audio tour is narrated by a Lobkowicz descendant.

The audio tour takes you through the family's past, and guides you through their palace, which is now a museum. On the tour, you will go through rooms with paintings, armor, guns, dishes, and musical instruments. The music room is definitely my favorite - I had no idea how much the world owes the Lobkowicz family. They were the family who sponsored some of Mozart's and Beethoven's most well known classical pieces. In the musical treasures room, you can see the original musical compositions for these pieces, in Beethoven's and Mozart's own writing! In my opinion, that was definitely the most memorable part about the tour.

We had excellent timing with our tour. We started the tour around 12:00pm (noon). At 1:00pm, there was a concert that was happening in one of the rooms in the palace. Although we weren't able to go in that room (since the concert was taking place), we were able to enjoy the beautiful music while going through the palace on our tour.

If you pay for admission to the Lobkowicz Palace, you receive a coupon that gives you a 10% discount at the Lobkowicz Palace Cafe. The food there is quite good compared to the other restaurants in Prague.

There are free visitor washrooms located in the palace. They are nice.

No pictures or video photography is permitted in the palace.


Admission is 275 Kc for adults, or 175 Kc for students. The admission cost includes the audio tour (which is excellent).

Estimated Visiting Time

If you are short on time, there is a "highlights only" tour that takes approximately 30 minutes. It is the same cost as the full tour. The full tour (with the audio guide) takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

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Estimated Visiting Time

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