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Charles Bridge

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
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Overall Experience: 7 / 10
Date Visited: Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Charles Bridge, or "Karlův most" (in Czech), is a pedestrian bridge in Prague that crosses the Vltava River. It is located just a short walk away from the Old Town Square.

The bridge is a pedestrian bridge, and it's often packed with people. During the day and evening, there are vendors selling paintings and tourist items on the bridge. There are also musical performers, and people who will paint your caricature or picture for a fee. We were quite impressed with some of the musical performers - one person in particular was playing glasses filled with water. It was something we hadn't seen before, and was quite neat to watch!

The bridge itself is lined with religious statues on either side. Some of the statues are black, and others are white. Since the original statues are being preserved, these statues are replicas. The newer the replica, the whiter it will be. After a few years, the new statues turn black, too.

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Over the few days we spent in Prague, we found ourselves on the Charles Bridge every day (usually just crossing from one side to the other). We found that on our multiple visits there, we had plenty of time to appreciate the musical performers and look at the items that were being offered for sale. If you just want to visit the Charles Bridge once, 30-60 minutes is probably sufficient to walk across and appreciate all the vendors. Since the performers are always changing, we enjoyed coming back several times and always seeing something different.

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Estimated Visiting Time

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