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Cafe jana Bar

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
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Overall Experience: 3 / 10
Date Visited: Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This was the only non-smoking restaurant (other than our hotel) that we discovered in all of Prague. We thought it was great that the restaurant was non-smoking, so we wanted to get something from it to support it. Unfortunately, they didn't have much food. The restaurant was mostly just a coffee shop, although they did have a couple sandwiches available for purchase.


The sandwiches available were a "Ham & Cheese" grilled sandwich, or a "Bacon & Cheese" grilled sandwich. Both were 49Kc if you ate inside, but only 39Kc if you ordered from the outdoor pick-up window.

Bacon and Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Cost:39 Kc from the pick-up window, or 49 Kc if ordered inside

This sandwich was very disappointing. It doesn't even look like that much of a sandwich. The "Bacon" was actually a piece of smoked ham, and the cheese was a very thin piece of cheese. The sandwich was grilled, yes, but it was tiny and didn't really taste all that great. For the cost, I certainly expected more!

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Bacon and Cheese Grilled Sandwich

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