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The Hanging Church

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
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Overall Experience: 3 / 10
Date Visited: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hanging Church in Cairo is an ancient church built during the Coptic period in Egypt. Like many of the attractions in Cairo, I found this site to be lacking any informational displays. I felt like this church must have had some interesting history, but we couldn't appreciate it much without knowing anything about it. We visited the church as part of our tour with Trafalgar Tours and our tour guide gave us a very brief background on the Coptic period, but not very much information about the significance of this church.

The interesting thing about this church is that it was built on top of a Roman fortress. This is the reason it is called the hanging church. Inside the church there are a couple of places where you can look through a glass floor and see that the foundations are supported by the old fortress walls. Besides this, the church itself isn't very beautiful or interesting.

Estimated Visiting Time

We didn't think the church was very interesting, and found 10-15 minutes was sufficient to look around and see that the church is, in fact, "hanging".


Entrance to the church is free.

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