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Casa Enrique

Long Island City, New York, United States

5-48 49th Ave
Long Island City, New York, United States
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Overall Experience: 7 / 10
Date Visited: Monday, August 12, 2013
Seating:Back Patio

Casa Enrique is a restaurant in Long Island City somehow loosely related to Cafe Henri. They offer Mexican cuisine and an extensive Tequila menu. Everything we had was quite good, although their back patio was a bit dumpy - the concrete walls needed some work and the exposed air conditioners were noisy at times.

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Enchiladas De pollo con mole de piaxtla

Chicken breast, rolled in corn tortilla with Mole sauce, onion, black beans, crema fresca, queso fresco, and avocado

The chicken enchiladas had a really nice sauce. It was rich in flavor and had hints of chocolate. There were two fairly large enchiladas on the plate.

Carne Asada

Skirt steak marinated in tequila, roasted poblanos and beans

The carne asada was a big piece of meat. It was lightly seasoned, although the flavor could have been a bit better. It was served with some tortillas on the side. The beans were typical refried beans. The roasted poblanos were mixed with corn (and perhaps cheese?) and were also pretty good.

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Items Ordered
Enchiladas De pollo con mole de piaxtla
Carne Asada

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