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Cairo Subway

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Overall Experience: 6 / 10
Start Date: Monday, April 28, 2008

Taking the subway in Cairo was an adventure! When we got into the subway station, we noticed there was a ticket window where most people were crowding. To purchase tickets, just go up to the window, and hand the person there a 1LE note (or a larger note - he gives change, too). He will give you back a ticket, and change if necessary.

There are maps located around the subway station in both English and Arabic that show all the stops in the system. As in most subway systems, the lines are labeled in the direction of the last stop. For example, we were going from Sadat to Attaba, so we took the line that went in the direction of Shubra (which was the last stop on that line, in the direction that we wanted).

When we had determined which line and direction we wanted, we went to the platform. There are turnstiles that take your ticket before letting you onto the platform. The turnstiles give your ticket back to you - you need it to get out!

Supposedly, two cars on every subway train are reserved for women. We didn't see which cars were reserved, and fortunately didn't end up there by accident. Women are permitted to ride on any car, although the cars we rode on were mostly men (there may have only been one or two other women on the entire car - and there were lots and lots of people on the cars!)

The Egyptian subway cars are usually full of people. People really like to pack into the subway cars. Don't expect to keep any "personal space". Considering how dirty the city of Cairo is, the subway system is relatively clean.


The Cairo Subway is probably the cheapest subway system in the world. It costs 1 LE for a one-way ride anywhere on the system.

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